Joint Aged Care Report

Our seniors deserve a high standard of care. Labour, Greens and Grey Power collaborated on a comprehensive inquiry in 2010, and have followed up in 2017. 

Joint Aged Care Report

New challenges have emerged since our 2010 report. While improvements have been made, this inquiry has found that many of the problems remain.

The following recommendations signal the direction of travel both political parties agree to pursuing in aged care.  This is an aspirational vision to improve the standard of aged care services for our older New Zealanders, ensure the sustainability of service providers and improve the health of the population. 


  1. Improve the quality and consistency of care through the use of a common assessment tool, a consistent level of care across all DHBs and updated care standards.
  2. Improved accountability throughout the aged care system through the establishment of an Aged Care Commissioner, reporting and performance measures based on health outcomes and improved complaints mechanisms.
  3. Investigate affordable and appropriate housing options for seniors to provide a transition between living at home and residential care.
  4. Encourage innovation in the delivery of aged care to cater to the needs of a growing and diverse population.
  5. Increase funding for aged care providers and ensure that the funding model provides viable aged care services for specific communities, including small towns and rural areas.

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