Help build our connections in the community by joining us for some door-knocking.

We have a great opportunity to reach out to residents about what’s on their mind, and to ask how they feel about the important work that Chlöe and the Green Party have been doing over the last three years.

Canvassing not only builds our link with the community, but also gains us invaluable data that will inform the rest of the campaign.

Training will be provided at the start, as well as an opportunity to get to know the other volunteers.  Some light refreshments will also be provided, but if you’re feeling generous, feel free to bring something to share.

Bring comfy shoes, and weather appropriate gear, you will be outside!

The meeting point will be shared with attendees over email or text, so please RSVP here to ensure you are included in this communication.


The main activity does require mobility, however we do need someone to stay back at the house as a home base, which might be great for someone who isn’t able to go from house to house.