The wānanga session will go for around two hours. It will include a focused look at community organising skills, issues campaigning, and Growing the Green Movement.

Learn how to:

- Use storytelling for recruitment and issues-campaigning

- Recruit active volunteers and create buy-in to our Green Party values

- Be an effective Green Organiser

The main aim of the training is to build political communication skills which should give Green Party members and volunteers more confidence engaging the public whilst on stalls, door knocking or calling and increasing the effectiveness of those conversations. 
We'll also cover issues-based campaigning, with the aim of developing our understanding of how to plan and execute an effective issue-campaign. The hope is to provide attendees with more confidence to take the initiative and organise localised issues campaigning.


The session will be followed with afternoon tea. If you have any dietary or accessibility requirements, please do not hesitate to contact Fin Sparks at [email protected]