Become a Green Party Candidate

This is your chance to make a difference

In 2014 more people voted Green than ever before. In 2017 we have a chance to build on that success; a chance to grow; a chance to change the government and bring about the first true Green progressive government in New Zealand's history. 

But it won't be easy. If we are to succeed in 2017 and bring about the change we seek - a new government that cares about child poverty and is committed to fighting climate change - then we need to work harder than ever.

We will need more candidates, standing in more electorates, and communicating our message of a clean, Green New Zealand to more voters than ever. We need those of you who are seasoned campaigners and those who are new to the Green Party to step forward and work together and, together, help New Zealand vote Green in 2017. 

How it works

Standing as a party candidate is a great commitment and a great responsibility. Candidates will be expected to stand in a local electorate where they will be the public face of the Green Party. They will also be given a position on the Green Party list, as voted on by the membership, and the ranking on the list determines which candidates become Members of Parliament after the election. 

The process to become an applicant is comprehensive and discerning. Applicants must be a member of the Green Party. They should have experience and demonstrated ability in political campaigning and a full understanding of the commitment they're undertaking.

If you are a member you can find more detailed information here.

If you are not currently a member – please join here now. 

And register your interest in becoming a candidate below.

Thanks for your commitment, and good luck. We'll see you on the campaign trail!