A strong belief in climate justice and social justice is my motivation for political activity. We face persistent social justice challenges and more seriously, climate induced crises. My Irish/Catholic heritage and demonstrated activism informs me to speak up and proclaim publicly when something is clearly wrong, such as it is now. We need a strong Green presence in a coalition government with Labour to ensure we are tackling climate change on a “War Cabinet” footing.
Lynne and I personally act out Green values. We drive an electric car, grow our own vegetables, run chooks and use solar power to heat our water and supplement electricity.
I was involved in financial services for nearly 50 years latterly as an investment adviser.
I hold a Diploma of Business Studies (Personal Financial Planning) and a N.Z. Diploma in Life Assurance. I was granted Certified Financial Planner status in 1998, an international designation. Until relinquished on retirement in 2016 I was an Authorised Financial Adviser (FSP37502).

Contact: [email protected]