Green Change: Budget 2019

The Green Party is the proud heart of the first Wellbeing Budget

We are leading progressive policies at the same time as changing the way Government works. Budget 2019 delivers a massive boost to the delivery of the Green’s confidence and supply agreement to deliver Green Change.

$4.9bn of spending has been announced that will help deliver our Confidence and Supply Agreement with the Labour Party, and Green Ministers are leading work on an additional $1.06bn worth of projects.

16 of our 20 Confidence and Supply Agreement goals have funding in this year's Budget, and we're working with Labour and New Zealand First Ministers to deliver them.

Find out what the Greens achieved in the Wellbeing Budget

Download our Green Change: Budget 2019 summary document, or read the summary of all Green Change budget initiatives below.

See all our Green Change Budget 2019 initiatives in one place (A3)

Our Confidence and Supply Agreement is here.

Highlights include

$4.9bn towards Green Party priorities

Sustainable Economy Budget Initiatives

Zero emissions (GOAL 1)

  • Productive And Sustainable Land Use: Climate Change Commission And Government Response $42.7m OPEX $0.4m CAPEX - Budget 2019 page 94
  • Leading Internationally Through The Global Research Alliance To Reduce Agricultural Emissions $8.5m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 96 

Clean Transport (GOAL 2)

  • Auckland City Rail Link: To Improve Access To Employment And Education In Auckland Central $1.4bn CAPEX - Budget 2019 page 92
  • Future Of Rail: Begin The Process Of Replacing The Interisland Ferries To Support A Resilient And Reliable Freight Rail System $35m CAPEX - Budget 2019 page 92
  • Future Of Rail: Replacing Rolling Stock To Support A Resilient And Reliable Freight Rail System $375m CAPEX - Budget 2019 page 92
  • Future Of Rail: Working Capital To Support A Resilient And Reliable Freight Rail System $1m OPEX $331m CAPEX - Budget 2019 page 92
  • Rail - Maintaining An Electric Locomotive Fleet On The North Island Main Trunk Line $35m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 92
  • Investigate A Green Transport Card To Make Public Transport More Affordable For Low Income Households $4.6m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 92

Renewable Energy (GOAL 3)

  • Advanced Energy Technology Platform $20m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 96
  • Establishing A National New Energy Development Centre In Taranaki​ $27m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 96
  • Industry Futures (Bioresource Processing Alliance And Product Accelerator)  $18m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 96
  • Schools Energy Efficiency Package $6.1m OPEX $13m CAPEX - Budget 2019 page 95

Sustainable Agriculture (GOAL 5)

  • Productive And Sustainable Land Use: Enabling The Transition In Agriculture $122.2m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 94
  • Agricultural Climate Change Research Platform  $3.2m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 96

Healthy Environment Budget Initiatives

Conservation (GOAL 6)

  • International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy - Forecast $180m OPEX - Vote Conservation Estimates Page 7
  • Increasing And Improving The Management Of Crown Pastoral Land $3.1m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 94
  • Improving The Safety And Security Of Conservation Workers And Volunteers $10.7m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 94 
  • Strategic Science Solutions To Combat Kauri Dieback $20.8m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 95 
  • Protecting Lakes, Rivers And Lands From Invasive Pests And Weeds $7.5m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 95 
  • Watts Peninsula: Improving Wellbeing Through The Establishment Of A Reserve $4m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 96 

Water Quality (GOAL 7)

  • Productive And Sustainable Land Use: Freshwater And Transition To A Sustainable And Low Emissions Economy $64.3m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 95 
  • Strengthening The Integrity Of The Environment Management System $30.5m OPEX $3.9m CAPEX - Budget 2019 page 95 

Marine Protection (GOAL 8)

  • Implementing Improved Monitoring Of Fishing Catch On Commercial Fishing Vehicles - Providing Greater Assurance Of Sustainable Fishing Practices $13.5m OPEX $3.6m CAPEX - Budget 2019 page 94 
  • Maritime Non-Oil Incident Response: Enabling New Zealand To Effectively Respond To Non-Oil Pollution Incidents At Sea $3.1m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 94

Waste (GOAL 9)

  • Improving New Zealand’s Resource Efficiency By Reducing Waste $4m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 94
  • Implementation Of The Global Harmonised System Of Chemical Classifications And A New Hazardous Substances Database $1.1m OPEX $2.4m CAPEX - Budget 2019 page 93 
  • Provincial Growth Fund - Projects In The Waste Sector $40m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 89 

Fair Society Budget Initiatives

Welfare Reform (GOAL 10)

  • Incomes For People Receiving Benefits: Implementation $4.7m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 59
  • Incomes For People Receiving Benefits: Indexing Main Benefits, Removing Deductions And Changing Abatement Thresholds $530.4m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 59 

Learning Support (GOAL 11)

  • Learning Support Package $333.5M OPEX $95m CAPEX - Budget 2019 page 56 

Pay Equity (GOAL 12)

  • Oranga Tamariki Social Workers Pay Equity Claim Settlement $114.6m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 113 
  • Pay Equity: Settlement And Programme Costs $14.8m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 113 
  • Tools And Resources To Support The Effective Implementation Of The New Pay Equity Regime $1m OPEX $0.1m CAPEX - Budget 2019 page 113

Housing (GOAL 14)

  • Papakāinga Development and Rural Housing Repairs For Better Whānau Wellbeing $40m OPEX $0.1m CAPEX - Budget 2019 page 70

Mental Health (GOAL 16)

  • Expanding Access And Choice Of Primary Mental Health And Addiction Support $455.1m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 38 
  • Expanding And Enhancing School Based Health Services $19.6m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 38
  • Expanding Telehealth And Digital Supports For Mental Wellbeing $20.8m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 38 
  • Improving Support For People Experiencing A Mental Health Crisis $8m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 38 
  • Intensive Parenting Support: Expanding The Pregnancy And Parenting Service To Improve The Wellbeing Outcomes Of Parents And Their Children $7m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 38 
  • Mental Wellbeing Support For Parents And Whānau $10m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 38
  • Preventing Suicide And Supporting People Bereaved By Suicide $40m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 39 
  • Promoting Wellbeing In Primary And Intermediate Schools $2.2m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 39 
  • Forensic Mental Health Services for Young People $19m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 40 

Refugees (GOAL 18)

  • Increasing The Refugee Quota $140.5m OPEX $7.7m CAPEX - Budget 2019 page 108 

Drug Addiction (GOAL 19)

  • Enhancing Primary Addiction Responses $14m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 39 
  • Enhancing Specialist Alcohol And Other Drug Services $44m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 39 
  • Increasing Access To Mental Health And Addiction Support $124.4m OPEX $3.9m CAPEX - Budget 2019 page 39 
  • Te Ara Oranga: Continuing The Methamphetamine Harm Reduction Programme In Northland $4m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 39 
  • Referendum On The Legalisation Of Cannabis $13.4m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 116

Democracy (GOAL 20)

  • Ensuring The Stable Delivery Of New Zealand’s Electoral System And Providing Enrolment Services On Election Day $75.6m OPEX - Budget 2019 page 115