I am standing as a Green Party candidate in the Wairarapa electorate to increase the Green Party Vote. Having more Green MPs in the next government is our best chance at continuing to tackle the challenges that face all of us, like climate change, while building towards a fair future where everyone can flourish.

I have had a long career in politics. I served as the Mayor of Wellington, from 2010 - 2016 and was an elected Councillor for fourteen years previously. I have also been a teacher and an IT programmer.

While I was Mayor, I led the establishment of Wellington Water and the Regional Economic Agency and firmly resisted wholesale Council amalgamation. I led Wellington City Council to become the first Council to pay the Living Wage to all staff, cleaners, and security guards. I worked hard to share the value of cultural diversity, adding Asian, African and European events to the city's calendar.

Improved transport meant connecting walking access along Wellington’s wild South Coast, upgrading quirky laneways, improving main streets such as Victoria Street, agreeing a citywide cycle network and increasing cycling facilities, installing signage for pedestrian shortcuts, initiating the world-first trans-gender traffic lights, reducing speed limits in suburban centres (and trying to get a safer CBD speed limit – which has since been secured in 2020), resisting a flyover, promoting light rail and generally supporting public transport. Water reservoirs, new community and sports facilities and improved Council housing are all achievements that I am proud to have played a part in.

Today, my husband and I live in a solar-powered tiny house on 250ha of regenerating bush next to the Tararua Forest Park in the Carterton District.

Please be strategic and Party Vote Green.

You can get in touch with Celia at celia.wade-brown@greens.org.nz