Christchurch Transport Plan | Tā Ōtautahi Mahere Ranga

Christchurch can become our most liveable, sustainable city, but it needs a supportive Government willing to work with councils and communities.

Christchurch Transport Plan | Tā Ōtautahi Mahere Ranga

The Green Party will invest over $400 million in Christchurch transport to make it easier for people to get around cheaply and quickly, by bike, bus, and train. Better funding will enable more frequent buses on existing routes.

As part of our nationwide commitment to invest $1 billion over ten years to create safe cycling networks nationwide, especially around schools, we commit to at least $135 million for cycling investment in Christchurch.

The Green Party will: 

1. Establish three new rapid transit lines in Christchurch by 2022:

  • The Northern Line – passenger rail from Rangiora to the city
  • The Southern Line – passenger rail from Rolleston to the city
  • The Airport Line – bus rapid transit from the city to the Airport

2. Invest $1 billion nationwide, including $135 million in Christchurch, to create safe, city-wide cycling networks for all ages and abilities. This will prioritise:

  • The completion of Christchurch’s 13 major cycle routes
  • Investment into safe cycling infrastructure around schools

3. Work with Christchurch City Council (CCC) to establish a city-wide bike share agreement.

4. Provide free public transport, all the time, to all young people 18 and under via a Youth Green Card. And free public transport, during off-peak hours, for all tertiary students and apprentices via a Student Green Card, as well as for people living with a disability on the Supported Living Benefit.

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