Freedom, justice, and peace underpin the Green Party’s vision of a world where the inherent dignity of all people is recognised, and all people have equal rights and responsibilities to contribute to decision-making.

Democracy is of utmost importance

  • Citizens should be empowered to participate in and contribute to communal well-being and be involved in local decision-making.
  • Formal decision-making structures should cultivate collective decision-making through informed, inclusive, structured consensus-seeking dialogue, giving due weight and effect to the voices of the many and of the few.
  • Democracy in the workplace is an important part of a democratic society.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi is an important part of Aotearoa New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements

  • The Declaration of Independence central to our constitution.
  • Maori must be able to exercise tino rangatiratanga.

We should move towards a written constitution

  • A politically independent constitutional commission should facilitate a nationwide dialogue.
  • The goal should be to agree a statement of national aspirations as a standard against which our national laws and regulations can be measured.

New Zealanders should choose whether to keep our current Head of State

  • A democratic, participatory process, preceded by a nationwide dialogue, should decide whether to continue with the current Head of State arrangements or make changes.

Proportional representation in Parliament should be retained

  • There should be a set ratio of list and electorate MPs.
  • The size of Parliament should increase or decrease as the population increases or decreases.




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