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Young Greens

The Young Greens are a group of passionate people who take the issues of society seriously. While trying to work within the system, we want to push for radical change at every step, which includes ensuring we respect Te Tiriti o Waitangi. We want more young people in positions that foster their well-being and to ensure that future generations are part of the decision making the processes that govern the way we want to live. We do this through national campaigns and ensuring every region has a group of likeminded youths leading the change.

Co-convenors: Danielle Marks & Kelsey Lee

Young Greens Website

Facebook link HERE


Rainbow Greens 

Co-convenors: Kate Aschoff and Matt Sharpe

Facebook link HERE


Green Left

The GreenLeft Network stands for and works to promote an explicitly anti-capitalist Green Party of Aotearoa.

For our Kaupapa Statement and to sign up to be a member of the GreenLeft Network, fill out this form HERE

Co-convenors: Paul Kelland & Briar Wyatt


Inclusive Greens

Co-convenors: Gordon McKewen and Candace McCabe


Green Women

Co-convenors: Kaya Sparkle & Debs Martin


Union Greens

Co-convenor: Jo Wrigley

Facebook link HERE

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