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Election 2011

In tough economic times, we need a prudent plan that encourages hope for the future.

A richer New Zealand means clean rivers, thriving kids and jobs that are good for the environment and our economy. A richer Aotearoa would be powered by a clean, green economy that works for everyone - a smart and compassionate economy.

We have three priorities that will help deliver a richer New Zealand

The fiscal implications of the Green Party’s priorities for 2011-2014 are revenue positive - in plain English, they pay for themselves. We estimate nearly $8 billion in extra government revenues from various sources (e.g. a temporary earthquake levy, a levy on the commercial use
of water) and we estimate our priorities will cost just over $4 billion in new government spending. These figures indicate that our policy priorities would help reduce the government debt.

Read a more detailed financial breakdown of the Green Party's priorities for 2011-2014.

Read more about the priorities themselves by clicking on the links below.

100,000 kids out of poverty by 2014. Our plan to clean up New Zealand's rivers and lakes. Green jobs for New Zealanders


The Greens are a popular, modern, successful party

Green ideas have come of age. For over a decade the Greens have been working in Parliament, across the political spectrum, to advance smart Green solutions, with lasting benefits for New Zealand.

Support our campaign

Find out how to help the Greens by choosing from the links below

Join the Green Machine
Pitch in to our election campaign! Help ensure that the next Government will include the Greens.
Show your Green colours!
Our candidates in the order that they are ranked on the Party list. See also: alphabetical list or sort by electorate.
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Find out more about Greens in your area.

Help fund our creative election campaign.

Campaign team
Who's who, and how to contact them.
We’re proud of our work that has led good green change
In addition to the above we have policy on a wide range of issues.

Our Opening Address
Let our Co-Leaders take you through our 2011 Election campaign priorities.

Read our Opening Broadcast as a transcript.

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