Here in Aotearoa, we can have a thriving and sustainable farming sector that is good for farmers, good for people, and good for the planet. By making smart choices now, about the way Aotearoa recovers from COVID-19, we can think ahead to tackle the climate crisis and create a more resilient system that supports farmers and growers, and protects our land and our water.

For decades, successive governments have treated farms like factories, prioritising quantity over quality. It has polluted our water, hurt our land and animals, and warmed our planet. It has left farmers without the tools they need to weather climate and market changes, and our communities without the secure and just food and fibre producing systems they need to thrive.

Our Farming for the Future Plan works with farmers and growers to transform our agriculture and horticulture sectors from being one of the biggest impacts on our climate and natural environment into one of its biggest solutions.

Here’s what our Farming for the Future Plan includes: 

  1. We’ll reduce the use of harmful artificial fertilisers, to look after our climate, land, and water.

  2. We’ll support farmers and growers to shift to regenerative farming practices with a new Healthy Food and Farming Fund.

  3. We’ll improve how we look after our water by developing fair charges for commercial water use within a te Tiriti o Waitangi framework.

  4. We’ll help Kiwi farmers to get a fair reward for their efforts by developing a robust national sustainability accreditation scheme.

  5. We’ll change how we label our food so people can trust what they’re buying.

  6. We’ll connect communities to food by assisting community-led initiatives such as urban gardens.

  7. We’ll strengthen forestry rules to encourage a shift away from pine monocultures, and to ensure our most productive land is kept for food production. 

The Green Party knows that Aotearoa can have a thriving, sustainable farming sector that tackles the climate crisis and cleans up our rivers and aquifers, helps rural communities flourish, and makes sure we all have fresh, healthy food to eat.

Food and fibre production, and its continued economic viability, is crucial to Aotearoa’s future. Primary sector exports – worth $46.4 billion in 2019 – held strong through COVID-19 and that strength will be needed to successfully navigate the post-COVID era. 

Aotearoa is among the most renowned primary exporters in the world, with a strong global reputation for producing high-quality products. Our Farming for the Future Plan sets out how we can live up to our reputation as world-leaders in this time of global crisis by leading the transition into sustainable food production.

Read the two page summary on our Farming for the Future Plan here 

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