Make history and help us turn Dunedin Green.

Imagine an Ōtepoti Dunedin where everyone can live a good life. Where working people in secure, well-paid green jobs contribute to a clean, circular economy. Where the arts are valued and well-funded. Where the beaches and trails brim with native plants and animals. Where communities are empowered to take strong action to protect our planet and people.

This Ōtepoti is at risk from policies and politicians that prioritise the status quo and the wealthy few over delivering the transformative change needed to deliver the Dunedin we all deserve.

I’ve spent my life working to protect people and the planet.  As OUSA President, I helped blunt the edges of poverty by setting up food rescue initiatives, free breakfast and public transport discounts. I helped lead Generation Zero to pass a comprehensive zero-carbon bill that lays the foundation for a safer climate future. At the Climate Commission, I led a programme of work in the waste sector that helped secure a shift towards a circular economy through ambitious waste reduction targets.

Now, I’m campaigning for an Ōtepoti Dunedin with thriving communities and nature. I’m campaigning to give the Greens a strong voice at the decision making table. 

With your support, the Greens will advocate for transformative solutions which will deliver what this electorate needs. Only the Greens will take bold action to address climate pollution, and ensure everyone has what they need to live a good life. 

We’re already one of the greenest electorates in the country - but with your support, we can turn it even greener. I need your support to run our biggest South Island campaign yet.

The more we raise now, the more we will be able to grow the Green movement and increase the number of Green MPs. More Green MPs means a strong green heart at the core of the next Government so we can create an Aotearoa with plenty for all, not just the wealthy few, where nature thrives and we take bold action to protect our climate.

Help me run our strongest Green campaign for Ōtepoti Dunedin yet. Please donate today.

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