Politics and nursing do not sit far apart, you cannot be involved in health and not understand how healthcare is influenced by the government of the day. This is why I have been involved in professional development as well as union related activities, standing up for fair wages, working conditions and proper funding of the health care systems.

Being non-judgemental is essential for being a nurse as well as for creating a social security safety net that works for us all. It is very exciting for me to promote our Poverty Action Plan that aims to remove culture of blaming people in need, and instead provide each individual with an income at times they are unable to work.

After I moved to Temuka in 2004, I started working in aged care and made sure to update my knowledge by gaining a GradCert in gerontology at CPIT in Christchurch (now ARA) While working in Aotearoa, I gained extensive knowledge of our public health system. Additionally, I have real insight into rural health issues in particular after working in the community for the past years.

Ever since the first report of the Club of Rome came out, I have been aware of the human impact on our environment and have promoted protection of our natural assets. The reliance on fossil fuels and political effects this had on our society became very clear in the early eighties and I was convinced the world would be better off if we all weren't dependent on fossil fuels – we would need to develop alternatives.

The Green Party has these alternatives like shifting from driving individual vehicles to using public transport, creating Green jobs in industries protecting the environment, IT & research, infrastructure and materials being manufactured locally and acknowledging that many jobs done by volunteers contribute equally to our society. Our policies include assisting farmers to divert from current practices to regenerative farming so we can not only clean our waterways but actually stop polluting them.

Please Party Vote Green this election!

You can get in touch with Gerrie at gerrie.ligtenberg@greens.org.nz