An Iranian-Kiwi refugee, disabled, human rights lawyer, and Green, I arrived in Aotearoa from Iran as an asylum-seeker, at nine-years-old. We had lived through war and oppression. The importance of democracy, equality and sustainable distribution of resource was always with us.

Before becoming the First Refugee in Aotearoa’s Parliament, I was an active Green for almost a decade. I studied human rights at Oxford University, worked as a human rights and constitutional lawyer, here and in three UN deployments.

Parliament is another facet for our movement’s Kaupapa. I have sat on the Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Defence, and Education and Workforce Committees; successfully negotiated major electoral reform to strengthen our democracy, an end to Aotearoa’s military deployments in the Middle East, refocusing the work of our military on climate crisis, and doubling the number of refugee family reunification.
I work to ensure our Parliament prioritises global issues and communities suffering oppression, such as by advocating for Palestinian liberation, strengthening responses to crises in Afghanistan, Iran, Myanmar, Hong Kong, and support of Uyghur people.
Four-years-ago I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. While challenging, I manage my disability through connection with disability groups, including my wonderful Inclusive Greens friends.

Contact: [email protected]