We know it’s not just four walls that make a home. A home is somewhere warm that keeps out the winter draught and stops us from getting sick. It’s somewhere that’s secure, without fear of controlling or unfair landlords. It’s somewhere that we can put down roots, raise our tamariki, and become part of a community.

Our transformational Homes for All Plan improves the quality of our homes, makes them more affordable and accessible, and improves our relationships with our landlords. 

It's our plan to create a fairer Aotearoa where all people have a healthy, safe, and affordable home, no matter if they rent or own. 

The Homes for All Plan will:

Increase housing supply and affordability:

  • We’ll change the rules to empower and encourage community housing including co-housing and papakāinga. This will support the emergence of a non-profit rental market, with a particular focus on Māori housing development.

  • We’ll maintain the public house build programme, prioritising progressive home ownership such as rent-to-own and shared equity models, and ensuring no net loss of Crown land to market sales.

  • We’ll support an integrated, Māori-led community response to homelessness. During COVID-19 we solved homelessness temporarily. Now we need to make sure we get people into permanent homes.

Improve Housing Quality:

  • We’ll overhaul the building code so new builds are warm, dry, energy efficient, and accessible.

  • We’ll expand the Warmer Kiwi Homes insulation and heating programme.
  • We’ll require all residential properties for sale to include an independent check of building health and safety, including warmth, dryness, and energy efficiency.

Change the rules for rentals:

  • We’ll regulate the rental property management market, including university halls, to professionalise rental property in a move towards European-style long term renting, and protect people against the cowboys operating in the market currently.

  • We’ll improve the Healthy Homes Standards to introduce a proper Housing Warrant of Fitness.

Read the two page summary on our Homes for All Plan here.

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