Help us make history and turn Rongotai green!

I’ve been a Green list MP for 11 years. And in that time, I’ve been working tirelessly to deliver policies that improve people’s lives and combat climate change. As Minister for Women, I’ve made sure thousands of women got the pay rise they deserved through the Public Sector Gender Pay Gap Action Plan. And as Associate Minister of Transport, I pushed through the Clean Car policies that have led to a huge shift to low and zero emissions vehicles in the last year. Whenever it comes to making our progressive vision a reality, I’ve never backed down from a fight. 

Now I am standing for the seat of Rongotai, because I believe it’s time to bring this progressive vision right to your doorstep. 

It’s where I live with my partner and 2 kids, and it’s the community I know and love. It’s already the second highest Green party vote in the country: Now is our chance to seize that momentum, and grow the movement!

It isn’t going to be easy. That’s why I’m counting on you. I need your help to run the biggest campaign we’ve run yet. And it’s going to take a whole team on board to get the job done. 

With every dollar, we can campaign harder and harder for a Green vision in Rongotai. To win hearts and minds, we’re going to need to get our message out there to as many people in our electorate as possible. 

Your support today will go directly to my campaign so we can put up advertising, hire staff, and build our flaxroots movement. 

We’re facing huge challenges globally, nationally, and locally. The stability of our climate is under threat from an economic system that is concentrating wealth for a few by exploiting many people and nature. 

We can change this system. We know there are practical solutions. And when Greens have been in Government, we’ve made a difference.

Help us to bring Green solutions right to your doorstep. Donate today.

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