This is it. The next 3 years are critical. How we respond to the COVID-19 crisis will determine whether we are able to respond to the climate crisis, and ensure everyone in Aotearoa NZ has what they need to thrive.

Over the last 3 years we have laid the groundwork in Government. I've learned so much, and I'm proud of what we have achieved. But we still have so much to do. Having the Green Party in there, with Green Ministers, is our best shot to protect nature, ensure job creation is also protecting the climate, and ensure no child is growing up in poverty.

Anything you can contribute will be greatly appreciated, and now is when we need it most of all.

It will help us pay organisers, it will help us print materials, and buy advertising so we can share our Green vision with more available voters.

Together, we can achieve almost anything. Warm, dry affordable housing. Kid-friendly streets. Cycling cities. Regional rapid passenger rail services. Clean rivers and beaches. Regenerative farming. Native forests filled with birdsong. Meaningful, secure jobs. Fair pay for all.

Think ahead. Act now. Let's make it happen.