I trained and worked as an Electrical Engineer in London and was looking for adventure. An engineering job at Auckland Power Board brought me to Aotearoa where I embraced the outdoor life.

I now live in rural South Island where health and transport services are sparse. Nationwide, the divide between rich and poor is greater than ever. This is the opposite of the direction I want to see NZ go.

I believe now is the time to do something different. The time is right for NZ to vote for drastic change - to put a big contingent of Green MPs into government. My work experience combined with motherhood makes me an effective candidate to work towards these goals. NZers need adequate income, free healthcare, dentalcare and education. The Green Party is the only party who puts People and Planet before Profit. We need to implement the most sustainable ways to take only what we need; to have a No-Waste society and economy.

I’ve worked in government departments and private companies all my life. I know how they work. I’m now ready to put that experience to work for the real good of society - as a Green MP.

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