For the first years of my life, my heart was in the world of farming and the community. While studying for a Masters degree, I became a tutor/lecturer in communication and management. My favourite topics to teach were those involving learning to get along with others as a family or in a community, building rapport, understanding people from different backgrounds/cultures, ensuring others needs are met, and resolving conflicts. Next came time as a head of a private business school. I wrote an orientation programme for Auckland Regional Migrant Service to help new migrants to settle. More recently I coached PhD students, walking alongside them in their journey.

In 2015 after reading about the effects of climate change I knew I must take action. I joined the Green Party and became an active member. The last few years have been spent learning more about the future we can have if we take the actions we must to make the planet a healthy place, and what the future could look like for our children and grandchildren if we don’t care enough.

I dedicate my life to improving the future lives of our children by making the world a better place.

Contact: [email protected]