A major joined-up Government response to tackle the cycle of family violence and sexual violence


Ending family violence and sexual violence is one of our greatest opportunities to improve the wellbeing of the more than one million people affected every year.

We’re driving a fundamental shift in how Government works to ensure everyone who needs help can get it in a timely, appropriate and effective way.

Ending violence is essential to building a fair society where everyone can thrive.

This Budget lays the foundations for our response to family violence and sexual violence with a focus on prevention, sustaining our current services and developing new ones to meet the needs of every community.

Budget 2019 delivers

  Budget Page Number $ OPEX $ CAPEX
Increasing Investment In Prevention 53 47.8m  
Safe, Consistent And Effective Responses To Family Violence In Every Community 53 79.8m 4.5m
Expanding Essential Specialist Sexual Violence Services 54 131.3m  
Improving The Justice Response To Sexual Violence Victims 55 32.7m 5m
Joint Venture Business Unit 55 20m