Making our homes warmer and dryer

We want all New Zealanders to live in a warm, dry and healthy home, and Budget 2018 makes this more achievable for people with lower incomes through the Warmer Kiwi Homes programme.

With $142.5 million, the programme will provide grants covering two-thirds of the cost of floor and ceiling insulation, as well as heating appliances to homeowners who need it the most, including those with a Community Services Card and those referred through the Government’s Healthy Homes initiative. The grants will be topped up wherever possible by third-party funding to make the insulation as low-cost as possible.

It’s estimated 800,000 houses in New Zealand are either under-insulated or completely un-insulated. A Motu Economics study of the previous home insulation scheme, Warm Up New Zealand, found every dollar invested in home insulation earned $6 in benefit – primarily in keeping people healthy, and literally saving lives.

We’ve been pushing this issue for a long time, and achieved a lot of good working with the previous government. In the first 100 days of this government, we passed the Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill to get landlords to properly insulate rental properties.

Now we’re going to finish the job and ensure everyone in New Zealand gets to live in a warm, dry, healthy home.