• NZ has opportunity on UN Security Council

    New Zealand has an opportunity to make a major contribution to the strengthening of international law and institutional capacity through its upcoming two-year tenure on the United Nations Security Council, Green Party spokesperson on global affairs, Dr Kennedy Graham said today.
  • National must end ideological opposition to raising income

    If John Key is serious about tackling child poverty he must approach it with an open mind, and overcome his ideological block to raising incomes as a solution, the Green Party said today. Papers released to Radio New Zealand today show that officials' advice to Government Ministers is that raising incomes was "positively associated with virtually every aspects of child wellbeing that is measured". The advice was to inform Ministers' response to the solutions recommended by the Children's Commissioners' Expert...
  • 'Blame the Planner' bizarre approach to child poverty

    The National Government is stooping to a bizarre new low in blaming “planning processes” for  poverty and inequality, after spending six years doing nothing about either the housing market or child poverty, the Green Party said today. Finance Minister Bill English reportedly said today that urban planning processes had done more to increase income inequality and poverty in New Zealand than “most other policies,” saying that inequality would have been improving if it wasn’t for growing house prices. “After spending...