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It is my privilege to have been a member of the New Zealand Parliament over the last 9 years. I have appreciated the opportunity to be here, and wish first to thank all parliamentary staff for their unfailing courtesy and professionalism. I shall always remember the spontaneous hug I received last Friday.

Thursday, July 27, 2017 - 14:32

The Green Party is backing the call by Parliament's environment watchdog for all political parties to support a new law that would require governments to tackle climate pollution in New Zealand.

Today the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment recommended all parties come together to support a new climate law that would make emissions targets legally binding and establish an independent expert group to advise government on climate policy and track its progress.

Dr KENNEDY GRAHAM (Green): In New York right now perhaps the most important event ever to be held is under way. Some 130 countries are negotiating a treaty for the prohibition of nuclear weapons.

The negotiations have a pedigree. It was 71 years ago, in January 1946, that the United Nations General Assembly, in its very first resolution, set up a commission to manage the elimination of atomic weapons from national armaments.The first aspiration of we the peoples of the United Nations was this: a nuclear weapon free world. 


Dr KENNEDY GRAHAM (Green) to the Minister of Foreign Affairs: Does he support the negotiations for a nuclear weapons convention currently under way in New York, which would result in States parties agreeing to prohibit the manufacture, possession, and use of nuclear weapons; if not, why not?



Wednesday, June 14, 2017 - 10:22

Bill English’s apology for condemning illegal Israeli settlements shows that New Zealand will not have an independent foreign policy under a National-led Government, the Green Party said today

Bill English is reported to have written a letter to Israeli officials saying that he regretted "the damage done to Israel-New Zealand relations as a result of New Zealand co-sponsoring Security Council resolution 2334".

Hon GERRY BROWNLEE (Minister of Foreign Affairs): I seek leave to move a motion without notice and without debate to recognise the 30th anniversary of New Zealand's nuclear-free legislation.

Mr SPEAKER: Is there any objection to that course of action being followed? There is none.

Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 14:51

The Green Party did not support the Government’s motion to mark the 30th anniversary of nuclear free legislation today because it simply reinforces the status quo in which most nuclear states will go on with business as usual.

Today’s motion makes no mention of the ongoing negotiations for a Convention on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, which would introduce a total ban on nuclear weapons. A draft text of this Convention exists already and it is expected to be adopted later this year.

Dr KENNEDY GRAHAM (Green): Yesterday, Minister Brownlee met with US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, here in Wellington. Both Ministers are responsible for the foreign policy of their countries. A few weeks ago, Mr Brownlee, quaintly, explained to a concerned public that he was learning on the job—coming to grips, as it were, with the language of diplomacy.

Dr KENNEDY GRAHAM (Green): The strongest message about this 2017 Budget is that the Government has no vision, no ambition, and no idea of how to address the challenges facing our country. It believes it has shown some positive vision by offering some tax relief to struggling families. In this, it is half-right. That bill has already gone through. It goes some way to alleviating child poverty, which is why we voted for it. But the vision stops there.


11. Dr KENNEDY GRAHAM (Green) to the Minister for Climate Change Issues: Does she agree that countries need to work together to combat dangerous climate change; if so, will her Government convey that view to the President of the United States this week?