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Maram Davidson, Green Party MP

Thank you, Mr Speaker. So I just sat and listened through Michael Woodhouse's debate speech about all the hospitals that the previous Government—his Government—apparently fixed and ran so that they are functional. 


Dr KENNEDY GRAHAM (Green): The strongest message about this 2017 Budget is that the Government has no vision, no ambition, and no idea of how to address the challenges facing our country. It believes it has shown some positive vision by offering some tax relief to struggling families. In this, it is half-right. That bill has already gone through. It goes some way to alleviating child poverty, which is why we voted for it. But the vision stops there.

Dr KENNEDY GRAHAM (Green): I want to focus on just one aspect of the annual report, and that is to do with climate change, which has become a theme from colleague Andrew Bayly, and then Dr Megan Woods, Scott Simpson, Denis O'Rourke, and others. I just want to make a couple of points.

In opening this debate, the Prime Minister offered four goals for the 2017 election: opportunity for people to get ahead; new jobs and businesses; assistance in raising families; and support for those in need. That was a fairly standard set of political goals—motherhood, more or less. Anyone can sign on to them, at least if times were normal, but times are not normal.