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Maram Davidson, Green Party MP

Thank you, Madam Speaker. I am pleased and proud to be standing to speak on this,


3. METIRIA TUREI (Co-Leader—Green) to the Minister for Social Development: How many people on benefits are currently homeless?

9. METIRIA TUREI (Co-Leader—Green) to the Minister for Social Development: Does she believe that the Ministry of Social Development has a responsibility to treat unemployed people, sole parents, and people with disabilities with respect and dignity, and ensure every person on a benefit has all the support they are entitled to?

Thursday, February 9, 2017 - 16:26

Labour and the Green Party are joining with Grey Power to investigate the state of aged care in New Zealand, and will be touring the country to hear from patients, professionals and families over the next two months.

“All New Zealanders deserve a high standard of medical care, and it’s clear that for many older people in rest homes or residential facilities, those standards still aren’t being met”, said Labour health spokesperson Annette King.