• Irresponsible tax cuts lead to seventh successive deficit

    National's borrowing to pay for cutting the top tax rate was irresponsible and will likely lead to a seventh successive deficit, the Green Party said today. Treasury have forecast a $572 million deficit this year in its Half Year Economic and Fiscal Update released today. Net core Crown debt has now increased by a record $49.3 billion since National took office. “National has repeatedly staked its economic credibility on achieving a budget surplus this year, but even that narrow goal...
  • Key even worse than Abbott on Climate Fund

    The John Key Government is lagging behind even climate reprobate Tony Abbott on commitments to the Green Climate Fund, the global fund designed to support developing countries with low carbon economic development and adaptation to a changing climate.
  • Govt must review welfare so it's fit for purpose

    The Government must commit to a comprehensive review of the welfare system following a report that shows the children of some beneficiaries are being unfairly penalised and are missing out as a result, the Green Party said today. The Child Poverty Action Group has today published its report The Complexities of “Relationship” in the Welfare System and the Consequences for Children which found that the practice of basing benefit levels around whether a person is in a relationship or not...
  • Green Party welcomes Speaker’s commitment to making Parliament accessible

    The Green Party welcomes the commitments made in the Speaker's report on improving the accessibility of Parliament for disabled people. The Speaker’s report was a response to the recommendations of the Government Administration select committee report on its inquiry into the accessibility of services to Parliament that was released earlier this year.
  • NZ finally ratifying maritime labour convention good news

    It is great news that New Zealand has finally ratified the Maritime Labour Convention, the Green Party said today. Foreign ships transporting New Zealand export goods will now need to meet minimum international standards to ensure the fair treatment of seafarers.
  • Greens call for end to cruelty of factory farming

    The Government must end the legalised cruelty of factory farming, the Green Party said today. Footage shown on Campbell Live this week revealed yet again the appalling, but legal, conditions pigs are routinely kept in on factory farms. The conditions the pigs were kept in would almost certainly contravene New Zealand’s animal welfare laws if they involved a companion animal such as a pet cat or dog.
  • Report shows National must change its economic plan

    An OECD report today shows the fundamental philosophy of New Zealand Governments over the past 30 years has been wrong, and the only hope for New Zealand is if National dramatically changes direction, the Green Party said today. “The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development found that New Zealand was the worst example in the developed world in which huge increases in inequality had hampered the economy. “New Zealand was singled out for being the world’s most extreme disciple of...