Open and Honest Politics

The Green Party has always strived to make politics honest, transparent, open, and accessible for everyone. Now that we’re part of Government, we’ve led the way and opened up our our Ministers’ diaries so you can see who we’re meeting with and why we’re meeting with them. All Government parties have now adopted this policy and will start to proactively release their diaries.  

Every three months all Green Party Ministers and our Under-Secretary will proactively release their diaries so you can hold us to account and learn more about what we’re up to.

Our Ministers and Under-Secretary meet with a wide range of people, businesses, NGOs, and lobby groups. It’s a part of the job. We regularly meet with people with different views to ours, but to build a strong mandate for Green change in Government it’s important we understand a range of perspectives, communicate our point of view, and build support for the bold policies we’re pursuing.

For too long what goes on behind closed doors in the Beehive remains secret to most people. We’re working to change that. Opening up our diaries is part of our work to transform our democracy so it’s truly by the people, for the people. 

The first release is available here, covering the April-June 2018 quarter. The second release covering July-Sept 2018 is available here.

The criteria of what we are disclosing has been extended since the first disclosure, to more closely align the release with the requirements of the Official Information Act (OIA).

The disclosure will now cover all meetings in their Ministerial capacity, but some items or information will be excluded:

  • material related to a Ministers’ personal, party political, or parliamentary/constituency roles;
  • incidental activities;
  • meetings related to consultation between government parties, consistent with s9(2)(f)(iv) of the Official Information Act;
  • travel and logistic information;
  • details of meeting locations that are a private home address.

The disclosure will cover all meetings in their Ministerial capacity and include:

  • The name of the Minister/Under-Secretary
  • Date of meeting
  • Name of organisation or individual (the name of an organisation will be used unless an individual is attending in a personal capacity and does not represent any organisation, in which case the individual’s name will be recorded)
  • Purpose of meeting


Particular details may also be withheld in exceptional circumstances.  To determine whether such circumstances exist, we will be guided by the reasons for withholding information under the Official Information Act 1982, including section 9(2)(a) on protecting the privacy of natural persons.

As well as using the criteria outlined above, we are also using our best judgment. If you think we've missed something or got something wrong, then please get in touch with us. 

For more information, please email

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