Last day to vote is tomorrow! 

Join us online, wherever you are in Aotearoa or around the world to call voters and remind them to Get Out The Vote

This election we want to make sure every Greens supporters remembers to vote. We know that our supporters are often the busiest, the students in exams, the parents juggling multiple jobs and we want to help them make a plan to vote and let them know that the time is now to go out and vote!Please bring a device and a headset - headphones with a mic are perfect.

Full training will be provided

The most powerful thing you can do is be yourself and have a real conversation with voters.

Who we are calling: anyone who previously said they would vote for the Green Party 

How we are calling: using an online calling software. This won't use up your phone data or show your number to anyone. All you need is a phone or laptop and a stable internet connection.

Why we are calling: because discussions over the phone are the most efficient way of connecting with people across Aotearoa. Whether they live in a city centre or in the middle of nowhere, we believe in hearing from everyone. Come along for an inspiring night of action where you can make someone's night with a simple conversation over the phone. 

Details will be sent out in an email closer to the date!