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Is John Key losing it?

John Key’s comments about opposition MPs backing rapists in Parliament today is a huge misjudgement that shows the Prime Minister is losing it, the Green Party says.

“John Key’s weird outburst in Parliament today was deeply offensive, especially for the many women MPs who have come to politics through their work tackling sexual and family violence,” Green Party Co leader Metiria Turei said.

“John Key obviously thought he was being macho and clever but he completely overreached when he made the accusation against MPs like Marama Davidson as she questioned his unwillingness to defend human rights.

“Already John Key’s rapist comments are being reported overseas. Instead of New Zealand being known on the world stage for taking a stand on human rights, our Prime Minister is making headlines for calling MPs rapist backers.

“While other countries are condemning Australia for its human rights policies, John Key has ensured New Zealand remains weak, and silent on the side-lines.

“John Key’s outburst today was offensive, and it was embarrassing,” Mrs Turei said.