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Collins must release new report on pipeline vulnerability

Judith Collins should release a new report, that had been due to come out this week, showing what the Government knew about the vulnerability of the fuel pipeline into Auckland, the Green Party said today.

RNZ reported this morning that a Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment report highlighting the fuel pipeline’s vulnerability was due out this week, but has not been published because of the rupture. Collins said she hadn’t seen the draft report.

“With the election looming, New Zealanders have a right to see any information detailing how much officials and ministers knew about the vulnerability of this pipeline before it ruptured and caused a fuel crisis," said Green party co-leader James Shaw.

“This report was due to come out this week and I can't see any reason why it shouldn’t be released to the public now.

“Keeping this report in the dark before an election suggest that its contents are inconvenient to either government officials or Ministers. Right now we need transparency.

National was warned back in 2011 about the vulnerability of this pipeline. National has waited for a crisis to hit before taking any action, just like with housing, and just like with our rivers. That’s unacceptable,” said Mr Shaw.