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Fuel shortage highlights need for better public transport

Decades of underinvestment in Auckland’s public transport and minimal uptake of electric vehicles under National are being highlighted by the looming petrol shortage, the Green Party said today.

“If more Aucklanders had access to reliable trains, buses, safe cycle routes or an electric car, this temporary disruption to petrol supplies wouldn’t be such a big deal for commuters,” said Green Party transport spokesperson Julie Anne Genter.

“The fact is, many Aucklanders still don’t have access to fast, reliable public transport so they’re seriously inconvenienced whenever there’s a crash on the motorway, severe congestion and a disruption like this to the fuel supply.

“The Green Party has pledged to build light rail down Dominion Road to Mangere and the airport by 2021, as well as light rail out towards Hellensville, and a rapid busway to Howick and Botany.

“If National had followed the lead of other countries and offered real incentives for people to buy electric cars there would be far fewer people competing for the limited supply of petrol right now.

“The Greens are the only party promising to actually prioritise clean transport options, as opposed to the petrol-reliant, business-as-usual plans put forward by everyone else,” said Ms Genter.