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Green Party congratulates organics sector

The Green Party is congratulating the organics sector on taking major steps this weekend to unify the sector, as well as wishing the Soil & Health Association a happy 75th birthday.

In a show of the sector’s strength and confidence about the future, major organics organisations Soil & Health and BioGro New Zealand have combined to bring their significant strengths together, and sector umbrella organisation Organics Aotearoa New Zealand has chosen to expand its membership, embracing key food industry players and the grassroots of organics.

“Organics have come a long way in New Zealand and I’m looking forward to seeing significant growth in the next few years and decades to come,” Green Party organics spokesperson Steffan Browning said.

“As one of the fastest growing food sectors internationally, organic agriculture shows that it’s possible to protect the environment, create jobs, and grow exports at the same time.

“People around the country and the world want their food to be produced in sustainable ways that help fix environmental problems, not create new ones.

“With organic milk fetching over $9/kg at the farm gate – more than double the price for normal milk – there’s never been a better time for New Zealand farmers to go organic.

“The organic sector is showing that it’s possible for New Zealand to be both a successful food exporter and to fix environmental problems like poor water quality in our rivers.

"I am grateful to have been made a life member of the Soil & Health Association this weekend,” said Mr Browning.