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Green Party: It’s time to improve the lives of our poorest and renters after years of neglect from National

The Ministry of Social Development’s Household Income report shows that this Government is focusing on the right areas, with it becoming increasingly clear that our poorest are not receiving their fair share, and renters are struggling more and more.

“We welcome the report, which gives us a snapshot of how kiwis are doing in terms of their household incomes”, Green Co-leader Marama Davidson said today.  

“It is saddening to see that the very worst off, the people earning the very least, are being left further and further behind. Nearly one in four families with children are running out of food in their homes.

“This is why we’re pushing to put the heart back into our social support system, with an increase to benefits whilst removing harsh sanctions.

“Among the lowest of income earners, a quarter spend over half of their income on housing costs. New Zealand is better than this and it is fixable.

“The report also shows a desperate need for a Housing Warrant of Fitness such as the Green Party has called for. 65% of people that reported a major problem with dampness, mould, or a lack of warmth in their house were living in rentals.

“No one should be leasing out a house that makes you sick.

“This is the legacy of the previous Government’s neglect and I’m so glad we are working to turn this around”.