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Green Party launch #wastefreeholidays campaign

In the lead up to Christmas the Green Party have launched a #wastefreeholidays campaign, aimed at reducing waste over the holidays. 

“Christmas is a time to relax and spend time with friends and whānau, but increasingly businesses are encouraging us to buy gifts that have excessive and wasteful packaging that hurts our planet”, Green Party Co-leader Marama Davidson said today. 

“We’re encouraging New Zealanders to reject this, and call out the wasteful and frustrating practices of big businesses that produce our goods. It sits with these big businesses to step-up and stop producing wasteful materials that don’t break down and end up in our oceans. 

“There are heaps of time as a mum where I’ve picked up a gift and it’s wrapped tenfold in plastic and Styrofoam. You open up a gift and half of the mission is separating the toy from all the unnecessary packaging. We think this has to stop, and we’re asking New Zealanders to call this out when they see it. 

“This Christmas let’s promise our kids that we’re doing our best to protect the planet they live on. We urge all New Zealanders to get involved in the campaign to have #wastefreeholidays this year”.