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Green Party releases updated drug law reform policy

The Green Party today released its updated drug law reform policy, which would regulate access to cannabis and allow for medicinal cannabis.

“The Green Party’s cannabis policy is evidence-based, and is focussed on ensuring New Zealanders’ health and wellbeing,” Green Party health spokesperson Julie Anne Genter said today.

“Current cannabis laws are out of date and causing harm, including the criminalisation of individuals and families. 

“A harm-minimisation approach means that people’s mental and physical wellbeing is prioritised ahead of criminalising them for cannabis use.

“The Green Party would seek to implement the Law Commission’s recommendations on law reform as a first step.

“Many New Zealanders recognise that creating criminals out of cannabis users does more harm than the occasional use of marijuana does.

“Changing the rules around cannabis use will mean adults will no longer be criminalised for growing or using small amounts of cannabis.

“There’s been a shift in public attitudes on medical marijuana and the legalisation of cannabis, with growing support for a harm-minimisation approach.

“Doctors should be able to prescribe medical marijuana if that is the best medicine for chronically or terminally ill people.

“Unless lawful medicinal cannabis is made reasonably accessible, current strong demand will continue to be met largely by an unregulated black market.

“The Green Party wants to build safer communities, where we can reduce drug use and improve people’s health,” said Ms Genter.