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Green Party welcome Tax Working Group report

The Green Party welcomes the Tax Working Group report, which lays out a plan to ensure taxation in Aotearoa is fair and enhances the wellbeing of all New Zealanders.

“Being in Government gives us an opportunity to be at the table for any tax reforms. We look forward to working meaningfully and constructively with Labour and New Zealand First so we can create the fairest taxation system possible here in Aotearoa,” Green Party finance spokesperson James Shaw said today.  

“New Zealand’s tax system has it strengths, but there is plenty of room for improvement.  

“That is why the Green Party are incredibly pleased to see the Tax Working Group put forward a report that proposes taxation that is fair and progressive.

“The report does a good job of highlighting the areas where our tax system could be better.

“The Green Party have long-held policies of taxing income from capital more fairly and a greater use of ecological taxes. It is great to see the Tax Working Group’s Report focus on both of these issues.

“We will now work constructively with our Government partners to reach a consensus on a response to the Tax Working Groups report.”