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Rail needed before road tolls in Auckland

The Government needs to vastly improve Auckland's public transport before it introduces tolls on Auckland's roads, or it risks further punishing people who live on the edge of the city, the Green Party said today.

Finance Minister Steven Joyce today announced that the Government and Auckland Council are investigating road tolls in Auckland to manage demand on the roads.

“Aucklanders need to have access to reliable, fast, affordable trains and buses before road pricing is introduced to discourage people driving into the city,” said Ms Genter.

“It would be incredibly unfair to sting people in the pocket for driving into Auckland when there is simply no other option for them.

“For people living around Hobsonville, Howick, Orewa or working near the airport, there simply aren’t busways or rail lines that can get them into the city quickly.

“Many Aucklanders have been pushed to the edge of the city to find affordable housing and they have no access to good public transport. It’s unfair to say now we’re going charge you if you use the motorway to get to work.

“Aucklanders want to use public transport, but we need to have a comprehensive rail and bus network in place first before we can expect people to ditch their cars,” said Ms Genter.