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Salvaging the TPPA would be difficult and a bad idea

Attempting to salvage the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is a bad idea, the Green Party said today.

“Bill English’s statement that he’ll attempt a TPPA-style trade deal without the US glosses over how difficult that would be in practice and why it’s not a good idea anyway,” Green Party trade spokesperson Barry Coates said.

“The TPPA is an old-fashioned trade deal and instead of trying to salvage it we should be looking for new ways to make trade agreements that benefit people, jobs, and the planet.

“The TPPA was always more about extending the rights of multinational corporations than it was about actual trade.

“The EU has scrapped its version of the TPPA, the TTIP, and is rethinking its approach. New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region should too,” said Mr Coates.