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SFO investigation into the National Party shows political donations reform is vital to our democracy

The Serious Fraud Office investigation into political donations received by the National Party is deeply alarming and highlights why we need stronger and more transparent political donation rules says Green Party Electoral Spokesperson Golriz Ghahraman.

“Currently there are too many grey areas in the donation rules which allow political parties to auction off our democracy to the highest bidder while hiding the donations.”

“We have to strengthen our political donation rules to protect our democracy from being bought and sold by the elite - that’s exactly what my Strengthening Democracy Bill aims to do.”  

“If Simon Bridges wants to show he’s taking this seriously then he should support our Bill”

The Green Party’s Strengthening Democracy Bill would strengthen transparency and safeguards on donations to political parties and candidates by:

  • Completely banning overseas donations
  • Requiring disclosure of the identity of those donating over $1,000 to a candidate or a party (currently the disclosure level for party donations is over $15,000)
  • Preventing one person from donating over $35,000 a year to a party or a candidate

Find out more detail about our  Strengthening Democracy Bill here