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Stop charging homeless people for emergency housing

The Green Party is calling for the Government to stop sending homeless people into thousands of dollars of debt with the Ministry of Social Development.  Green Party Co-leader Marama Davidson says that people at their wits end should not be charged for being put up in emergency housing.

“The use of recoverable loans by MSD has to stop because it is hurting the most vulnerable and makes a mockery of our compassionate approach,” Green Party Co-Leader Marama Davidson said today.

“The Social Security Appeal Authority has made it very clear that burdening the homeless with debt for emergency housing is contrary to our values as New Zealanders. 

“We agree with this and we are calling for swift action to end the practise. 

"Additionally, the Green Party is calling for a review of all previous debt incurred through accessing Emergency Accommodation. We believe there could potentially be many others who have been put through similar situations. People should not have to go through such a lengthy legal process when the Social Security Appeal Authority has made a clear ruling."