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Supporting victims and survivors of domestic violence with world-leading Green policies

From today, every person affected by domestic violence will be able to get the help they need and keep themselves safe without worrying about losing their jobs.

The Domestic Violence Victims’ Protection Act, which began as a member’s bill sponsored by Green MP Jan Logie, came into effect today. It provides up to ten days’ paid leave for people affected by domestic violence and access to flexible working arrangements.

“This is a win for everyone – workers, employers, and our community,” said Jan Logie.

“Everyone should be able to live free from violence, but financial insecurity has often been a major barrier to people trying to leave abusive situations and keep themselves and their kids safe.

“Many people – survivors and their advocates – told us how important it was to be able to ask for help, to know they would get help, and to not have to choose between violence or poverty. This Act gives them options and security.

“And employers frequently told us they want to support people, but didn’t know how. Now they have a framework and guidance from MBIE to help them do the right thing.”

The legislation is world-leading, providing not only paid leave, but access to flexible working arrangements and protection from discrimination for victims of domestic violence.

“Since the Bill passed we’ve been contacted by people from all over the world wanting to adopt these policies and learn about our campaign to make them happen,” said Jan Logie.

The Greens, Labour and New Zealand First were united in supporting the Bill through every stage of the parliamentary process.

“Getting this Bill through demonstrates how we can work in both Opposition and Government to make real, progressive change happen,” said Jan Logie.

“I’m so proud and honoured to be able to make this kind of difference in people’s lives.”