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We wouldn’t allow the state to go through our mailbox, spying online is no different: Green Party

Green Party Co-leader Marama Davidson will be speaking at the annual Waihopai spy base demonstration this Saturday January 26, protesting against international spying which puts the human rights and privacy of global citizens at risk.

“The Waihopai spy base represents a worrying culture of spying that is dangerous to society. There would be outrage if the state or corporations reached into our letter box and opened up our mail, why is it okay online?” Green Co-leader Marama Davidson said today.

“New Zealand’s involvement in mass surveillance of electronic communications on behalf of the Five Eyes Network is part of this increasingly alarming trend of digital information being intercepted by the state.

“We must protect our right to privacy, particularly in a digital age.

“We are calling for the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security to be made an Officer of Parliament to provide a check on the arbitrary use of espionage power by the executive, and for the Intelligence and Securities Committee to be made a proper Parliamentary Committee so that all Parliamentarians have access to information and can hold the intelligence services to account”.