Julie Anne Genter MP

Minister for Women, Assoc. Minister of Health, Assoc. Minister of Transport

Julie’s story

Julie Anne became an active volunteer with the Green Party soon after arriving in New Zealand in 2006.

It was obvious to her that the Greens shared her vision for creating a fairer society that put people and the environment first.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Julie Anne saw how transport and urban design impacted the environment and influenced the lives of people within the city, from their health to their ability to access education. Witnessing how neo-liberal policies had led to horrific inequality, combined with a long history of structural racism, created a drive to change things for the better. 

From a very young age she engaged in activism for peace, cannabis law reform, marriage equality, environmental protection and ending the excessive influence of large corporates on government policy. 

At University she lived in a student-owned housing cooperative, which was her first experience of consensus-driven, community based democracy. 

Julie Anne has been a strong advocate for building towns and cities that put people at their heart, support strong healthy communities and enhance our natural environment.

As a Green MP Julie Anne has been a spokesperson on  a broad range of issues, including climate change, transport, health, finance, housing and women.

She has helped shape public debate on transport, medicinal marijuana, gender equality, and mental health.

Prior to becoming a member of Parliament, Julie Anne was a volunteer and adviser in the Party. She also worked as a transport and planning consultant for some of New Zealand's leading firms. 

She graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA, taught English and studied political theory and economics in France, before moving to New Zealand.