Mojo Mathers MP

Spokesperson for Commerce and Consumer Affairs (inc. Regulatory Reform), Disability Issues, and Animal Welfare

Mojo’s story

Mojo believes that climate change is one of the biggest issues we need to address and will require a significant shift in how society is structured.  Empowering our most vulnerable to participate effectively in society will ensure that everyone will be able be part of making this shift happen.

She is keen to continue to advocate for the rights of people with disabilities.  In particular, she aims to progress employment for disabled people, ensuring accessible buildings and bringing in mandatory captioning levels. 

Mojo especially wants the wellbeing of children to be at the centre of our decision making. 

Mojo will continue to campaign to get factory farming phased out and for animal testing to be replaced by non-animal tests wherever possible.  As abuse of animals is now known to be linked to domestic violence, she feels better protection of animals is an essential part of creating a safer society for everyone.  Food production, climate change, animal welfare and public health are all closely linked, so to progress these we need to shift away from intensive dairying and factory farms.