Delivering green change in Government

James Shaw and Marama Davidson surrounded by kids

Our story:

The influence of the Green Party is growing. Our holistic and environment-centred thinking is leading change at the heart of Government.

Our work is long-term and structural. We are making hundreds of changes, week-in-week-out, to the laws and policies that affect our natural world and our society.

With the Greens at the heart of Government, we’re sowing the seeds of significant change to protect Papatūānuku, move towards a clean economy, make sure all kids and whānau have what they need to grow up and thrive, and making politics more accessible.

Our big wins so far:

  • We've delivered the Zero Carbon Bill - to finally set New Zealand on a course to net zero emissions. 
  • We've ended new offshore oil and gas exploration – to protect our oceans and climate from oil pollution and global warming.
  • We've boosted the Department of Conservation - to save our birds we’ve delivered the single largest increase in DOC funding for 16 years.
  • We've delivered a landmark Government report into our welfare system - to put the heart back into New Zealand's social support system.
  • We're creating a violence-free future – to protect the survivors of domestic violence we've established world-leading protections for them.
  • We've sparked a revolution in transport funding – to support clean sustainable transport we've created a $1 billion fund for walking and cycling.

The Wellbeing budget 

Over $4.9 billion worth of investment in green initiatives were announced in the 2019 Wellbeing Budget. 

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We’re protecting our environment

We’re creating a sustainable economy

We’re making government more accessible

We’re building a fair society