Energy Policy

We are lucky to live in a country rich in renewable energy sources, and we want to make the most of our natural assets.

By living and doing business in smarter ways, we can use less energy.
What electricity we do use can be from almost 100% renewable sources.
Our Energy Policy is about minimising the impact of climate change, and enabling all Kiwis to enjoy a high quality life in a clean green Aotearoa New Zealand.


The Green Party envisions a New Zealand in which all reasonable energy needs are reliably and affordably met from renewable energy, and there is much smarter use of energy.

Specific Policy Points

Climate Change and Peak Oil

In order to reduce greenhouse emissions and move away from reliance on dwindling oil supplies, the Green Party supports:

  • Investigating the role of renewable energy for public transport, other essential transport services, air and marine transport, and our main industries.
  • Developing fuel efficiency standards for motor vehicles entering New Zealand.
  • Introducing a carbon charge on fossil fuels, and using the revenue to reduce income tax on the bottom band, for everyone.

Improving Energy System Planning and Co-ordination

The Green Party will:

  • Redesign the Electricity Commission as a Sustainable Energy Commission with regulatory responsibility for all fuels.
  • Require an urgent independent review of Transpower's planned grid upgrade with a view to developing alternatives that have less impact on the environment and better facilitate a sustainable energy system.
  • Ensure that all major capital projects are tested against sustainable alternatives such as energy efficiency, fuel switching, renewable generation, load shifting and distributed generation.
  • Investigate introducing 'progressive pricing', whereby the more energy you use, the more you pay, above a certain base level.

Energy Efficiency

The Green Party will encourage energy efficiency and conservation in a number of ways including:

  • Teaching it in schools.
  • Providing funding to accelerate domestic retrofits.
  • Encouraging passive solar design in new houses.

The Transition to Renewables

The Green Party will:

  • Require energy retailers to buy or generate a proportion of their sales from renewable resources.
  • Help district and regional councils plan for wind farm sites.
  • Support a programme to install solar water heating panels on government and private buildings.
  • Investigate the potential of woody biomass, biofuels, and energy from waves, tides and currents.

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