Happy waste free holidays!

The Green Party is wishing everyone a happy waste-free holiday.

We want businesses to give us the best possible present this year and stop loading up the presents we buy with unnecessary packaging, so much of which ends up in our precious oceans. 

We’ve got some handy tips so we can reduce waste these holidays:

  1. Give experiences this year, not presents wrapped in plastic.
  2. Upcycle gifts from the op shop, or give gifts of fresh produce.
  3. Make a point of removing wasteful packaging and either leave it at the store or dispose of it carefully.
  4. Compost any food waste that you can.
  5. Have a happy holiday and enjoy time with your friends and whānau!. OK, this one might not reduce waste – but it’s so important!

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But what is the Government doing?

The Green Party in government is focused on a circular economy to make New Zealand clean and green:

  1. We’re phasing out unnecessary single use plastics, starting with plastic bags.
  2. We’re discouraging waste, and valuable materials, from going to the tip by expanding landfill levies.
  3. We’re investing in New Zealand enterprises that minimise waste and making all businesses take responsibility for their waste.
  4. We're encouraging consumers, retailers and manufacturers to design products that avoid waste and increase recovery and reuse of materials.

Don’t we need more action from industry?

Solving the waste problem will take everyone working together; Government, business, and the community.

The Green Party is calling on New Zealand businesses to reduce their waste, and we will be engaging the public in a campaign to highlight which businesses have work to do.

We’re encouraging New Zealanders to call out the wasteful and frustrating practices of big businesses that produce our goods. It sits with these big businesses to step-up and stop producing wasteful materials that end up in our oceans

If you have an example of wasteful packaging or other ways a business could reduce waste, then you can join this campaign and send them a letter asking them to reduce their waste. 



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