Immigration Policy

We support a progressive and humane immigration system which acknowledges the right to live in Aotearoa New Zealand derives from Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
Our United Nations refugee quota can increase and we need to prepare for people displaced by climate change.

New migrants need increased support such as better funded settlement services and language training.
We need to ensure that temporary migrants have decent working conditions and pathways to residency appropriate to their skills.

Key principles

  • Treat all migrants with dignity, compassion, and respect in accordance with international conventions on human rights.
  • Ensure that new immigrants are welcomed and included in Aotearoa New Zealand society.
  • Tangata whenua have a partnership role in determining Aotearoa New Zealand’s immigration policy.
  • Effects of population growth on the environment, economy and infrastructure need to be actively managed and planned for.

Specific Policy Points

Assisting Refugees

  • Increase our refugee quota.
  • Increase the resources government makes available for refugees' successful resettlement.
  • Change the system for refugee family reunification from a lottery to a fair process with published priorities and standards.
  • Commit to comprehensive resettlement support for asylum seekers.

Climate Migrants

  • Ensure our immigration legislation makes provision for people displaced by climate change based on need.

Voluntary Immigration

  • Give priority to skills needed to build a low-carbon economy that lifts living standards.
  • Tighten up the process for the investor visa category and ensure better oversight of business development promises.
  • Closely monitor the labour market impact of skilled migrant workers.

Temporary Migrants

  • Grant temporary migrant workers full labour rights.
  • Allow temporary workers who possess valuable skills to apply for residency.

Language Tuition for Immigrants

  • Make adult English courses available outside Auckland and the other main centres.
  • Work towards making Aotearoa New Zealand’s other official languages – Te Reo Māori and New Zealand Sign Language – available to immigrants.

Te Tiriti Education

  • Make learning about Te Tiriti o Waitangi compulsory as part of the induction of all new immigrants.
  • Ensure that iwi and hapū have the opportunity for input into Te Tiriti induction, and are adequately resourced by Government to do this.

Positive Resettlement Experience

  • Provide new immigrants in all categories with information about Aotearoa New Zealand civics, culture and environment.
  • Work towards a culture of acceptance in Aotearoa New Zealand so that new immigrants are able to participate in all aspects of society.

Adaptation Support for Immigrant Professionals

  • Provide professional bodies with funding support to help immigrants reach the standards needed to practise their professions.
  • Provide student loans for skilled migrants undertaking bridging courses for entry to any regulated profession on the long-term skill shortage list.
  • Encourage the use of practical supervision of those with recognised qualifications as an available route to registration.

Immigration Services and Administration

  • Ensure Immigration New Zealand is funded and administered to achieve a transparent, consistent and expeditious application process.
  • Determine how Māori want to work with the Crown on immigration decisions and reviews as a Te Tiriti based process.
  • Impose more vigorous regulation on the immigration consultancy industry.
  • Oppose granting Immigration officers increased search and detention powers.

Immigration Policy Review

  • Take an evidence-based approach to regularly reviewing the government’s immigration policy.

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