Local Government Policy

Key Principles

  • The activities of local government should enhance the social, environmental, cultural and economic wellbeing of the communities it serves.
  • Under Te Tiriti o Waitangi, tangata whenua will work in partnership with local government on economic, environmental, social and cultural issues within their rohe.
  • Decisions should be taken at the level closest to the citizens, town, city or region and only those tasks that the local level cannot effectively carry out alone should be referred to higher levels.
  • Local and central government should recognise that they are distinctive but interrelated and inter-dependent spheres of government and work together to promote the best outcomes for communities and the environment.
  • Only voters should determine who governs local authorities.
  • There should be no taxation without representation.
  • Commercial activities undertaken by local government should prioritise the needs of its communities

Please see the full policy here